Productivity Factors: Tauno Dahlberg – “Functioning as a Productivity Factor is a built-in mindset.”

In January, we drunk coffee at Sataservice’s main office in honor of Tauno Dahlberg’s long career. Tauno moved to our Productivity Team in early 2009 when Sataservice started working with Oras at Rauma.
Originally, Tauno’s work career started in Oras in the year -72, when he worked extensively on various tasks for example as a turner and machine tool installer. All in all, Dahlberg worked for 8 years in other jobs before moving to the maintenance work.

” Outsourcing maintenance and transfer of a business has been a positive experience”

-I have experienced two transfers of a business. The first was in 2004, when Oras Oy outsourced their maintenance to Konecranes Oy. I moved to my current employer Sataservice Oy, with the release of the business in early 2009.

-On a personal level, the outsourcing of maintenance functions is often seen as a negative event. At least for me, outsourcing has been merely a positive experience. The maintenance business is Sataservice’s main business and invest in it. The company has been well-expanded, and economic cycles have not affected it like other industries, says Tauno.

I’ve always been able to develop my skills whenever necessary. ”

-During my career I have been in numerous educations. I’ve been able to develop my skills in various courses whenever necessary. My most active professional studies were 2001 – 2008, when I completed my studies of professional qualification for maintenance and electrical safety certificate S2. However, I think the next step here is to be retired.

-I think that the employer has always supported its employees and has been ready to develop their skills further, if a person has been willing to take it.

-I’ve also tried to encourage new employees to be active and spontaneous about their own development goals. Less often the employer deny participation in a course if the content of the course is beneficial to the common interest and the person’s own development, Tauno adds.

“Functioning as a Productivity Factors is a built-in mindset.”

-For myself, functioning as a Productivity Factor is actually a built-in mindset. I’ve always tried to act in a sensible way, usefulness first, so that it produces results. That is the thing that supports the meaningfulness of work, drives the business forward and helps the business grow.

” Responsibility of occupational safety is a common issue for us all.”

Tauno’s works are mainly focused on the Rauma area, but in recent years the focus has been on promoting the company’s occupational health and safety at all levels of the organization.

-I was elected as a Union representative at the beginning of my career. That is why my interest arose on occupational safety and health issues. Since then, the duties of Occupational Health and Safety manager and -representative have been an important part of my job description.

-From the occupational safety point of view, the company has nicely gone forward over the years and things are invested more than a decade ago. It is very important for the company to have a working safety organization. Occupational Health and Safety Manager, -representative and -agents play an important role in developing the company’s safety.

Responsibility of occupational safety is a common issue for us all. It is important that the need for development is acknowledged and keeping up with the change. The next step could be that the safety representatives and -agents could be used more effectively in the development of security, information flow and communication between departments.

– The safety theme will remain one of Sataservice’s continuous development targets. There is no ending point with this, Tauno adds at the end.

 These long uninterrupted employments are nowadays uncommon. It is great to see that we have people like Tauno who have enjoyed working for Sataservice for years. This shows that we have managed to take care of our own factors!


Written Jenna Potila and translated Susa Räikkälä