Safe or unsafe workplace? You decide it.

Would you rather work at a site, where you know everybody is taking care of the general safety? Or at a site, where persons negligence can cause you into a dangerous situation? I dare to say that nobody would choose the latter option. Whether you prefer a safe or unsafe work site is up to you.

Ensuring the safety and well-being of the employees is the supervisors most important job. The society, co-operation partners and even the dangerous situations oblige to do so. Beside supervisor, the obligation of general safety is, however, the responsibility of everyone working on site.

”Ensuring occupational safety is caring.”

Occasionally, you hear the employee saying, ”If something is going to happens to someone, then it is for me.” Practically, he is prepared to take responsibility for himself, but is he prepared to take responsibility for others safety as well? Or does he also know that his superiors are ultimately responsible for a possible accident even though he himself deliberately took this risk?

Everything does not always go as planned. An unduly evaluated situation can also cause an incident to others. Occupational safety is a responsibility of every employee and making sure everything is safe is caring about yourself and your work friend.

”The foreman is responsible for the work being done in accordance with laws and regulations.”

Working with the work safety regulations required by society, co-operation partners and safety risks may first seem rambling for individual.
There are a lot of guiding laws and regulations, for example:

Occupational Safety and Health Act (738/2002), (738/2002), (44/2006) and Occupational Health Care Act (1383/2001), more precise regulations are for example: Use regulation, machine setting, noise and vibration regulations.

Therefore, it’s important that the employer expresses the importance of the matter and is involved in supporting the development of occupational safety. Enabling the necessary training and ensuring that all the right information is available for workers.

”All accidents can be prevented by good risk assessment and design.”

The foreman is responsible for getting to know more about the regulations and being aware of safety matters. In case accident happens, it is already too late to find out the safety matters. The person in charge must be aware of the responsibilities of the employer, himself and the employees.

When working safety is taken into consideration in your work environment, it is important to pay attention that all accidents can be prevented by good risk assessment and design.

In the context of risk assessment and planning, it is good to take a moment to look at the past ”Have accidents happen before? What caused them?” The purpose is not to find the guilty one, but to pay attention to the causes of the incident and to the indirect causes of the accident.

“The goal is to work efficiently and safely.”

Work safety starts with small things, such as loading car safely and using and taking care of personal protective equipment. The main idea is focused on how the work is done with good planning, efficiency and safety.

Caring is one of Sataservice’s main themes, which is seen inside the company and also on the customer side. For this reason, work safety has also been incorporated into daily work.

To support work safety, Sataservice’s own application Safety Notice has been introduced, which makes it easy for everyone to make a safety observation and to deal with disadvantages at their own site. By investing in occupational safety, we are moving in the right direction. This way, we can influence the customer’s productivity and act as a Productivity Factors.

Sataservice’s Occupational Safety Agents and Managers met on last Wednesday at Turku. Regular training sessions and meetings are intended to promote the knowledge of the duties of key personnel in the field of occupational safety and security and, as a result of discussions, develop important issues at the company level, by sharing best practices.

Turvallinen vai turvaton työmaa

Translated by Susa Räikkälä